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Developing a digitally dexterous and future-ready workforce through Community of Practice
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Digital Dexterity on #AusLibChat, 3/8/2021 9-10pm AEST
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Responsible Drinking with newCardigan (cardiParty 2021.08)
Hugh Rundle - newCardigan
GOMA: European Masterpieces from the Metropolitan Museum of Art
Rebecca Lush - Curate Your Own Adventure
The Digital Skills GitBook project: creating an open-source online guide for researchers and the broader academic community
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Digital Dexterity Educators: a platform to share digital dexterity resources
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cardiWatchParty 2021-07
newCardigan - newCardigan
Flinders Street Station Ballroom
historicalragbag - Historical Ragbag
Home of the Arts (HOTA)
Rebecca Lush - Curate Your Own Adventure
“Why would you write it if you’ve already solved it?”: Interview with Chana Porter, Part 3
Mechanical Dolphin - matt finch / mechanical dolphin