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A collaborative approach to student digital skills support: The UOW Digital Skills Hub
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Declutter your digital writing – for inclusion, clarity and better reader experience
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Introducing Ateliers sur demande | Instant Workshops free, open, and bilingual digital skills microlessons
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cardiCast episode 88 – Antje Dun, The Commons Social Change Library
Hugh Rundle - newCardigan
Creating seamless learning experiences with Learning Technology Interoperability (LTI)
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Happy Birthday Digital Skills GitBook!
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Hybrid working post COVID: how young professionals can optimise their time in the office (and why they should)
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Open Source and Digital Dexterity – software solutions at Auckland University of Technology Library
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Power BI: Data Wrangling and Fish
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AMAGA 2022 presentation: How to increase your museum’s digital literacy
Lucie Paterson - Stories by Lucie Paterson on Medium