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GLAM Blog Club January – Neighbour
Nik McGrath - newCardigan
The caretaker
Alissa - Cataloguing the Universe
The Year That Was
Edward Shaddow - Shaddow Library
Lessening the use of outdated subject headings in the library catalogue
Andrew - Geocaching Librarian
For what we will
Hugh Rundle - Information Flaneur
5 sustainable gifts to lessen your waste this Christmas…
aliasustainablelibrariesgroup - ALIA Sustainable Libraries Group
On failure and experimentation (and learning from it)
Clare - Queeries & Clareifications
On gender euphoria, disrupting the gender binary, and not being ‘invalid’, undetermined or unspecified
Clare - Queeries & Clareification
Lessen: Reflections on slow librarianship and scholarship, union slow downs, and creatively and collectively resisting neoliberal time
Clare - Queeries & Clareification
GLAMorous Play in a Pandemic ~ Becoming you: an incomplete guide, Small Town Queer, and Adventures in Time and Gender
Clare - Queeries & Clareification