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Playing with Data
Transgressive Archivist - Transgressive Archivist
Let’s play! 4 plastics it’s your librarian duty to get rid of…
aliasustainablelibrariesgroup - ALIA Sustainable Libraries Group
Once More, With Feeling
Edward Shaddow - Shaddow Library
I like to play, play
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GLAM Blog Club: Play
Rebecca Lush - Curate Your Own Adventure
GLAM Blog Club July 2020
Gene - newCardigan
Risk it! 5 things every librarian can do to live a more sustainable life
aliasustainablelibrariesgroup - ALIA Sustainable Libraries Group
Queer career cocooning and reflections
Clare - Queeries & Clareification
GLAM Blog Club June 2020
Jenny Scott - newCardigan
How are you documenting the pandemic? a post for #GLAMBlogClub about forever
Unknown - Read, watch, play, participate...