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Finding Bigfoot, or something else?
Kat Moody - Library Whisperers
Digital inclusion in Australia: a handy infographic
kirstyjaderoberts - Kirsty the Connected Learner
Savvy but not quite literate: why we need to transform the way we teach digital literacy in public libraries
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A librarian's delicate balance
Kat Moody - Library Whisperers
IL as preparation for life
Fiona Jones - Fiona Jones
Civic engagement, information literacy and libraries
Fiona Jones - Fiona Jones
Games without frontiers
Alissa - Cataloguing the Universe
March Journal Club – The Boolean is Dead?
Fiona Jones - Fiona Jones
Disrupting information literacy
Glenn Harper - Library Whisperers
ACSME Round-up
Fiona Jones - Fiona Jones