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‘It is better to start somewhere than not at all’ – Sara Davidsson
CAVAL - Shelf Matters
What lies behind a statistic? The rise and fall of Trove visitor numbers
Mike Jones - Context Junky
Open knowledge activism for lifelong learning, independent research and knowledge translation
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Libraries on social media: Creating communities of practice for sharing and communication
digitaldexterity -
EBLIP chat: Day 8 – Professional knowledge
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Five Months on the Road
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Imagination Unleashed: Libraries’ Contribution to the Future of the Knowledge Economy
Mechanical Dolphin - matt finch / mechanical dolphin
On the nature of information: the best of #emptythepocket, issue 4
Alissa - Cataloguing the Universe
2019: a year of knowing, more naturally
Alissa - Cataloguing the Universe
Descending upright among staring fish
Mike Jones - Context Junky