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Introducing Rockpool - a web app for communities of practice
Hugh Rundle - Information Flaneur
Better out than in - Using web applications to normalise metadata contextually
Hugh Rundle - Information Flaneur
Building our own house
Hugh Rundle - information flaneur
Exhibition Launch – Collection Intervention
Rebecca Lush - Curate Your Own Adventure
Hanging Rock
historicalragbag - Historical Ragbag
Happy Birthday Play School – Rockhampton Art Gallery
Rebecca Lush - Curate Your Own Adventure
The Robots are Coming!
Tyler Wellensiek - Public Libraries Connect
New Sounds : local performers, Electrical Bananas, Firework Dogs & assorted others.
Greg - State Library Victoria
Zombies, cardboard, and coffee
Janet McGuinness - Public Libraries Connect
Badass storytelling for libraries
justinehyde - hub & spoke: justine hyde