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GLAM Blog Club April 2020
Hugh Rundle - newCardigan
Some podcast recommendations …
malbooth - FromMelbin
In The Shadow of The Sun: Libraries & COVID-19 Interview with Martin Kristoffer Bråthen
Mechanical Dolphin - matt finch / mechanical dolphin
Learn something #2 – Keeping up to date
Niamh Q - Niamh Quigley
Easy to Evil Quiz
historicalragbag - Historical Ragbag
Introducing Rockpool - a web app for communities of practice
Hugh Rundle - Information Flaneur
St. Louis Cemetery No. 1
Rebecca Lush - Curate Your Own Adventure
Pandemic related rise in digital learning
Sayraphim - blog – Sayraphim Lothian
TV hosts suddenly realise how much work YouTubers do
Sayraphim - blog – Sayraphim Lothian
YouTube as an educational platform in a global pandemic
Sayraphim - blog – Sayraphim Lothian