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Once More, With Feeling
Edward Shaddow - Shaddow Library
Embracing the mess: notes on motherhood and returning to work
acrystelle - Alisa Howlett
An Annotated Bibliography of the Inside of My Head
Edward Shaddow - Shaddow Library
Hope labour
Alissa - Cataloguing the Universe
Client engagement in libraries: from empathy to compassion
Nikki Andersen - Open Pages
Catharsis: and other things I learned while being #APLICLeftBehind
Alissa - Cataloguing the Universe
Looking For Group
Edward Shaddow - Shaddow Library
Create, the passion
bleedingheartprints - Musings of a Bleeding Heart
First, play this song loudly. It’s best in your office.
ragamouf - marvelling
Breaking Things
Hugh Rundle - information flaneur