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The caretaker
Alissa - Cataloguing the Universe
A farewell to cataloguing
Alissa - Cataloguing the Universe
Sydney’s wining and dining evolution
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A #digipres reading list for the total beginner
Alissa - Cataloguing the Universe
Digital archiving for journalists and writers
Alissa - Cataloguing the Universe
Marvellous, Electrical: The Body Artist
Mechanical Dolphin - matt finch / mechanical dolphin
Bourke and Wills are gone, so it’s time for a sale!
rstyleswood - Activity – Lore Makers
A tool for Web API harvesting
Conal - Conal Tuohy's blog
British Library, Kensington roof gardens, Piccadilly Circus & Ripley’s Believe it or not.
graemeo28 - GraemeO28 Librarian and biker
#blogjune Post 11 - Feeling back the front
SharonU - Where the Rivers Meet the Sea